ASTRO PLASNTS - NASA Project

           Design School Kolding, Denmark 2016
           3rd semester of Masters Programme 

           Collaboration: NASA, Johnson Space Senter, Houston

           Collaboration with student Yukiko Izumi (J)


In this project we searches to discover and alleviate problems and understand the extreme envioments that outer space or the enviroment og Mars offers. We found the strench and passion working with:

Enhance the experience for the astronaut, when they are in space by adding natural feeling, through edible flowers that present the 4 seasons. Kombined with recycling their plastic trash, turn it into plastic containers.

When coming to Mars comes closer, a number of problems arise. Launching astronauts from the stressful environment is an issue that has not been addressed and generally ignored. What is not studied so closely are the many who are in contact with the organic nature of the human body. The human body needs to be in contact with nature. and feel a daytime rhythm, by day and night, months and the 4 seasons that pass by. on their 220 long journey to and from Mars. If there is no contact with nature for long periods of time, it can develop into problems.



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