Värnamo, Sweeden, March 2020
                Project with guidance from Anders Åkjaer (MAA)


*An open competition to design a new seating furniture for Frederiksberg’s outdoor space. Based on the plaza Solbjerg Plads in Frederiksberg, we want suggestions on how to invite to new stays and new meetings between citizens by omplement outdoor seating*


Furnishing Solbjerg space requires significant and robust urban furniture that can stand alone, in groups or in contexts that can structure the space. This suggestion is a seating furniture is in a design that can live up to these requirements.

the furniture is modern and at the same time classic, so it can also fit in places other than Solbjerg Plads. Also because it can be made in different colors.

It is a solid and relatively heavy piece of furniture (25-30 kg), which is also cheap to manufacture. The furniture is very simple designed and easy to operate. It consists of 2 steel sheets and 5 pieces of wood. The steel sheets are powder-coated in whatever color you want and with rounded corners. The tree is weather resistant hardwood.
The top piece of wood in the backrest has a carved arch so that the furniture can be pulled over the space. Here is the inscription NaboMøbel Frb.

The seating area is comfortable. It is removable and can stand in the space where you want. But it's not theft-friendly. It can be put together with others and possibly. clamped together for benches. In addition, it can be made in two simple variants, where the steel sheets are inclined so that countless combinations are possible, and furnishings of both small and large spaces and urban spaces can be designed and fitted.