Fueled by Feeling


            Design School Kolding, Denmark 2014
            5th semester of Bachelor Programme 

            Collaboration: ECCO

            Publication:Shoe Design Fueled by Feeling

            Collaboration: Dura Sif Albrechtsen, Textile - Trine Stenmann, Fashion


Based on the "Clouded" piece of music of Recondite, we created a nine-pair shoe collection. The collection will act as a firebrand for ECCO. Based on the feelings in the piece of music, we found it important to emphasize the words: Sharp, Edged, Glossy, Artificial, Heavy, Contrast, Fine, and Bastard. Similarly, we started our process of creating a mood board, based on these feelings, to approach a common and more tangible understanding of the feel of the music. Based on this visualized feeling, we then outlined shoe and sketch details and performed sewing and material samples, including structure, surface, grip, and color. Together, we examined our sketches and models and selected together wild and mild shoes that would be the starting point for the final collection. The nine shoes were then processed and adapted and rewritten. Inspired by ECCO's interest in shoe soles, which we experienced during the business visit, all nine shoes are designed with different shoe soles.