Design School Kolding, Denmark 2014
            6rd semester of Bachelor Programme

            Collaboration: Kolding Sygehus

                  Ellen Rykelid (N) -
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Questionnaires and visits to Kolding Hospital revealed several problems with safe and comfortable fixation of PVC (often called IV or Venflon) on the arm or hand of the patient. The current situation with the use of tape or tie means that fixation is too loose or too time-consuming to observe for infection. There is no general system for observation and registration and replacement of PVC. It often happens that it is forgotten to replace it after three days.

Our new product proposal fits comfortably on hand/arm and covers sore areas on hand. It's easy to check for infection and our 'To Go' coffee cup's, inspired hemispheres, are directly pressed down to register which day the PVC was placed and can be checked daily.